Jamie Jeans and Denim Blues

This Spring/Summer DENIM has been everywhere in fashion- all different shades, weights and types. I have loved seeing all different styles and combinations, and as a devoted jean lover, it doesn’t hurt my feelings at all to have an extra excuse to wear mine everyday. Here are a few of my favorite denim looks that I have put together on one of our Pinterest boards (P.S. Are you following along with us?)

Denim Fashion Inspirtaion

Denim Fashion Inspiration

It only makes sense that jeans have been trending among sewists as well. My Instagram feed has been filled with so many amazing versions of handmade jeans I couldn’t help but be inspired to make my own. While I have been anxious to make both Closet Case Files’ Ginger Jeans and Named Clothing’s Jamie Jeans, I decided to tackle the Jamie Jeans first.

Named Clothing Jamie Jeans Pattern

Named Clothing Jamie Jeans Pattern

With the help of the beautifully written pattern directions and the great Sewalong put together by IndieSew, I completed my very first pair of handmade jeans in a couple of afternoons. I used our Super Stretchy 8.6 oz Indigo Denim from Robert Kaufman Fabrics and paired it with a matching chambray for the pockets. I also decided to use a denim blue jeans thread so that the accent stitching blended in a bit more. At the time I was hoping to hide any potential mistakes but in the end I really like the softer look it gives as well.

Completed Pair of Jamie Jeans- First pair of handmade jeans!

Completed Pair of Jamie Jeans- First pair of handmade jeans!

A couple of notes I discovered in making my Jamie Jeans. First, I followed IndieSew’s recommendation to baste all of the pieces together to check the fit. I was very fortunate in that when I pulled my basted, skinny jeans on for the first time they fit like a glove! I didn’t have to make a single change (crazy I know!). But I would have been so upset if I had taken the time to finish every seam and add all the details and have them not fit. While it added an extra hour or so of sewing time- it is well worth the price for great fitting jeans.

Great fit on my Jamie Jeans.

Great fit on my Jamie Jeans.

Second, once I got my Jamie Jeans all sewn together I noticed a bit of gaping at the fly- when I would sit or whatever the fly flap would open a bit exposing the zipper. I figured out that at the bottom of the zipper there was very little “flap” covering it so any little stretch exposed the zipper. To help prevent this from happening I back stitched across the flap and the zipper about 3/4″ up from the bottom. That helped take the overlap from only about 1/8″ to a little more than a 1/4″ and losing that little bit of length in the fly opening didn’t make any difference.

Last, I decided not to add the belt loops. Since my Jamie Jeans fit so nicely I don’t see myself ever wearing a belt with them (I’m not really a fan of belts to begin with). I did cut the strips used to make the looks and stashed them in my sewing drawer just in case I change my mind after wearing them for a while. So far I have only missed the loops when pulling my jeans on, but that is a bad habit I need to break anyway!

Love the front detailing on Named Clothing's Jamie Jeans Pattern

Love the front detailing on Named Clothing’s Jamie Jeans Pattern

Overall- I love my new pair of handmade jeans and I wear them just about every chance I get. I am already dreaming of future pairs and maybe some variations on them as well. Check out this amazing stretch printed denim… can’t you just picture them as a new pair of skinny jeans for fall! I also have Closet Case Files’ Ginger Jeans waiting in the wings for another pair. Now that I have made one pair of jeans there is no stopping me now!

Colors and Trends for Your Spring Sewing

Spring is here in full force and so is our spring sewing. Time to shorten those sleeves, shed those layers and break out the soft, flowy fabrics that we have been longing for all winter!

With this new season comes new trends and styles in ready-to-wear fashion. While I can’t afford most of the beautiful garments that grace the pages of the fashion magazines, it doesn’t stop me from being inspired to take those colors/trends and create my own garments. I love re-imagining the trends brought to us by ready-to-wear and designing my own pieces- re-interpreting them to fit my own unique style. As seamstresses and makers there is nothing stopping us from creating our own fashionable looks.

In getting ready for the new season here at Style Maker Fabrics, we have put together “collections” of our fabrics based on some of the hottest trends we are seeing in fashion this Spring. Over the next couple of posts I’m going share a few of my favorites along with some ideas for garments that you can make.

First, lets talk about COLOR! Last Fall, Pantone released the 10 key colors for Spring 2015 and the first thing that came to my mind was how soothing they feel. These softer colors take us away to a remote local, where we can escape everything else and just relax. Who wouldn’t want to wear colors with that have that kind of power!

Spring 2015 Colors

Pantone’s Spring 2015 Colors: Women’s Fashion

We decided to break these beautiful colors into two separate collections- a group of warmer tones we call “Desert Retreat” and a group of cooler shades called “Ocean Escape”. Both collections include an assortment of fabric types- lawn, rayon challis, knits and shirtings- letting you select your favorite color in the perfect fabric for your next project.

Our “Desert Retreat” collection combines shades of pink, tangerine, custard yellow and rich plums. Reminiscent of a beautiful sunset, these colors are warm and comforting while still having enough pop to make a statement and be unique. Pair them with earthy neutrals for a great look modern look.

Style Maker Fabrics Spring Color Collection: Desert Retreat

Style Maker Fabrics Spring Color Collection: Desert Retreat

Try using these fabrics for a playful sundress, comfortable button-up shirt or even just as a simple infinity scarf. Maybe go bold with some fitted colored jeans or by layering multiple shades these warm colors. The possibilities are endless.

Desert Retreat Fashion Inspiration

The “Ocean Escape” collection brings together the cooler shades of the sky and water. Blues have been on the rise in popularity for the past few seasons and this Spring don’t be afraid to mix and match them. Aqua, turquoise, teal, royal and navy- We love them all!

Style Maker Fabrics Spring Color Collection: Ocean Escape

Style Maker Fabrics Spring Color Collection: Ocean Escape

Perfect for pants and skirts in any shade, pair them with a soft blouse or gathered top and you are set for a beautiful spring day. Fabrics are available in everything from heavier ponte knit to light-weight double-gauze or lawn. Find the ones that are right for your style.

Ocean Escape Fashion Inspiration

Ocean Escape Fashion Inspiration

Be sure to check out the other Trend Collections that we have put together this Spring at Style Maker Fabrics. You can also shop by Fabric Type or Garment Type if that is easier for you as well.

Click on any of the images above to see more of the items or inspiration included in either collection and be sure to watch for more of our Spring Fashion inspiration on our Pinterest page.

Happy Spring Sewing!


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