Day Three: Infinity Scarves

On the Third Day of Sewing…

We are revisiting the subject of scarves from Day One. If you are looking for more of a fashion statement than overall warm, an infinity scarf is the choice for you! Super easy to sew- you can have a half dozen of these beautiful accessories made up in a single evening.

Give the gift of a beautiful infinity scarf.
Give the gift of a beautiful infinity scarf.

The possible fabric choices for these scarves is endless allowing you to create the perfect one for each person on your list. Some of our favorite options are rayon challis, rayon or polyester crepe, voile and lighter weight knits. We made up a total of four different scarves for today just to see the variation in the fabrics and because they were just so darn fast to sew!

Infinity scarves made up in four different types of fabric.
Infinity scarves made up in four different types of fabric- 1) Rayon Challis, 2) Poly Crepe, 3) Cotton Voile and 4) Rayon Crepon

Notice that any of these mid-weight fabrics (or blouse weights as we like to call them) create an amazing infinity scarf! Different weights and fabric widths give you a little variation but all of them would make a great addition to any wardrobe. Check out our tutorial below for making your own infinity scarf.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial:

To make any of these scarves we used 1/2 yard of wide fabric (54″ to 60″ wide). If you wanted to use a narrower fabric, say 45″ wide, you would want to take two 1/2 yard cuts and sew them end to end giving you 90″ total to work with. You could also do this with wider fabrics for a much longer scarf.

First, we squared up our piece of fabric- removing the selvages and evening up all the sides. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and stitch along the open edge creating a long tube. We like to press the seam open or to one side, but take care not to press the scarf flat. This will decrease the overall volume of your scarf when it is completed.

Sewing side seam of our infinity scarf.
Sewing side seam of our infinity scarf.

Take one end of your sewn “tube” and pull it up through the center, matching up the raw edges of the two ends. Make sure you have the right sides together and that the two ends of the seam line up. Starting just before the matched seam, stitch the two layers together leaving a 2″ opening for turning- don’t forget to back stitch at the beginning and end. Turn the scarf right side out and carefully hand stitch the opening closed.

Matching up the two scarf ends, right sides together.
Matching up the two scarf ends, right sides together.

Just like that you have a finished infinity scarf! The perfect accessory to add a pop of color or print to any outfit. Best of all- you can never have to many of them, making them a great gift idea!

Happy Sewing!

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