Gift Guide for Sewists and Makers

Sewing Gift Guide | Style Maker Fabrics

Finding that perfect gift for a sewist or maker can be tricky. To help eliminate some of the guesswork, we put together a gift guide featuring some of our favorite gifts for the modern sewer. Get ideas to help with your own gifting for friends and loved ones in the sewing community or create your own wishlist to help those shopping for you!

Favorite Sewing Tools | Style Maker Fabrics

Elevated Tools

As makers, we often make do and get creative with what we have. You many not need a tool for every specific thing, but a few professional tools are a very special treat. Save time, energy and maybe a little frustration along the way.

  1. Kai Professional Scissors – our all time favorite scissors! (Also available in 10-in shears)
  2. Simflex Sewing Gauge – save time and frustration with this quick and easy expandable gauge
  3. Pattern Notcher – quick, easy to see find notches on pattern pieces and fabric

Sewing Space Decor | Style Maker Fabrics

Maker’s Space

Add a few special treasures to your sewing workspace. Maybe it’s a bit of extra color, some tools that are both fun and practical or even a touch of humor or whimsy to help keep the inspiration coming!

  1. Button Pattern Weights  & Japanese Magnetic Pin Holder – colorful, fun and functional
  2. Tape Measure – encouragement close at hand
  3. Sewing Art Print – Decor and inspiration in one beautiful package

Unusual Sewing Gifts | Style Maker Fabrics

Something Different

The unexpected and unusual often make the best gifts! We found a few special treasures that will make a lovely surprise for any maker.

  1. Daily Dress Note Cards – Highlights from the Met Museum’s costume collection on each card, packed in a beautiful gift box.
  2. Sewing Ornaments – Great for the Christmas tree or to enjoy year-round hanging on the wall or in a window.
  3. Handcrafted Necklaces & Bracelets  Each feature different sewing themed words and charms.

Assorted Sewing Gifts | Style Maker Fabrics

Perfect Match

With lots of great small gifts to choose from, create your own combination to suite a specific interest, like a favorite color, favorite notion, etc.

  1. Pocket Sewing Notepads & Other Small Gifts – Great stocking stuffers, thank you’s and additions to another gift.
  2. Sewing Tote – A splash of color with this collapsible tote with handles.
  3. Rayon Batik Scarf – Save time with a finished, handcrafted scarf.
  4. Sew Bandages – Customer favorite! A must to have on hand for the occasional oops.

Still can’t decide? Give the gift of choice with a Style Maker Fabrics Gift Certificate. Select just the right amount and either print out a copy to wrap up or forward it on via email to the lucky recipient. Available up until the very last minute!

Hopefully this helps inspire some creative gift giving! Whether it is Christmas, Mother’s Day, a birthday or other special occasion, you are sure to find a great gift for any sewist or maker. Find all of our gift-worthy notions and other items available HERE in our shop.

Happy Gifting!

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