Inspired Fabric Trends: Fall 2022

The arrival of a new season means new colors, trends, and styles to inspire your handmade wardrobe! In planning each curated collection of fabrics, we look to ready-to-wear (RTW), designer runways, and indie boutiques for stand-out trends to suit every style. And when we say “trends,” we don’t mean the new “it” item that everyone must have for fall and then toss by spring! For us, “trends” are common themes in the fashion/apparel industries that excite us about the coming season and sewing!

The trends we feature might be something fresh and new, a unique combination to try, or a timeless favorite to revisit, depending on the season. And it applies to fabric colors, textures, and patterns, as well as garment designs or silhouettes. We aren’t looking for the next “hot” trend, but rather ideas for new ways you can wear your existing handmade garments and inspiration for your next sewing project(s)!

So, let’s talk THIS fall! In planning our latest collection, we quickly found an overarching theme for the season—comfortable, but polished. With more and more people headed back to the office and everyone just getting bored with hoodies and sweats, it’s time to take that ultra-comfortable style and kick it up a notch (or two!). Here is a peek at a few of the stand-out trends we are loving this season!

Well Suited Fabrics Trend | Style Maker Fabrics

WELL SUITED—What is the complete opposite of hoodies and joggers? A tailored suit! And while we aren’t suggesting everyone hurry and sew a bespoke suit you will only wear a handful of times, menswear is a great source of inspiration to help elevate for your fall wardrobe. From staple button-ups and tailored trousers to a classic blazer, the possibilities are endless for how you can mix and match these timeless staples with other favorite garments!

With the renewed interest in suits, that means suiting fabrics are also back! And this fall we have a beautiful selection of woolen plaids, classic solids, and a few unusual finds well suited for a blazer, shacket (shirt-style jacket), or your next pair of trousers. Shop this fabric trend HERE!

Friday Pattern Co's Heather Blazer with Wool Suiting | Style Maker Fabrics
Wardrobe Classics Fabrics Trend | Style Maker Fabrics

WARDROBE CLASSICS—Nothing is as timeless as classic black, but doesn’t it also get a little boring?! This fall we are excited to try pairing basic black with warm tones of camel, oatmeal, and other neutrals. We likely all have a few of these classics already in our wardrobes, why not try finding new ways of wearing them together? And if you need a few new pieces to tie them together, try a a pair of trousers in a rich plaid suiting or beautiful new blouse in a tonal printed linen or rayon! Shop these fabrics HERE.

Mod Style Fabrics Trend | Style Maker Fabrics

MOD STYLE—Nostalgic elements of the 70s, 80s, and 90s are making a comeback! Channel those retro vibes with our selection of vintage-inspired prints and colors. From flirty pink and earthy ochre to cool ocean, this mod palette offers a unique twist on fall colors on a variety of fabric types—soft jersey knits, drapey rayon wovens, structured canvases, and more. Shop these colors HERE.

Megan Nielsen's Protea Dress with Garden Floral Rayon | Style Maker Fabrics
Caramel Shoppe Fabrics Trend | Style Maker Fabrics

CARAMEL SHOPPE—Every season has a standout color, and we are predicting the must-have for this fall will be caramel! This delicious hue finds the perfect balance of a classic neutral, a warm earth-tone, and a rich fall color. It also pairs beautifully with just about any other fall color. Yay, for versatility! Find your own perfectly sweet hue HERE.

Hopefully this look at some of our favorite fall trends helps inspire your seasonal sewing and helps you discover new ways to enjoy your handmade wardrobe! Find more trends like these, and mini fabric collections for each, featured in our shop throughout the year on our Latest Trends landing page. Check back often to check out what’s new and find your next inspired look!

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