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A new year, a new maker! Some of the makers that we admire most are masters of projects and techniques that we…well…just aren’t! Say hello to Karon—after following her on Instagram for some time now, we continue to be blown away by her outstanding button-ups, blazers, and coats. We should also mention her amazing fabric choices. WOW! Karon graciously joined us for the next installment of our Meet the Maker series and she has a goal for 2021 we should all adopt!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you joined the sewing community.

I am a Human Resource Analyst by day, but I enjoy sewing as it helps to create relaxation and enables me to think and learn with each project. Sewing began four years ago when my previous job involved traveling back and forth to see my family while I resided in a different state. I was introduced to the community by another awesome sewist, Marica. During this time of my life, I found my passion and had time to develop my skill and adapt to my environment.

Statement Black and White Duster Jacket | Style Maker Fabrics

What is your definition of being a maker? What specific crafts does that include for you?

For me, the term maker means the ability to create something from a tangible object, making it their own based on one’s interpretation. Specifically, for me, this is using fabric to create beautiful pieces.

What is your favorite garment to sew?

I love making shirts! Why? Shirt-making has so many details and provides the base to make it your own by simply making changes to the base. Shirts are such a classic staple; they fit my wardrobe and work with my style of just quickly putting something together.

Classic Button-Up With Jeans | Style Maker Fabrics

Tell us a bit about your sewing process. (Do you plan everything out or just dive in? Do you finish your project all at once or in stages?)

I usually plan out my shirt-making process and play with the fabric choices, but often I just see the fabric and know it is ideal for the shirt in my mind. For dresses, I struggle as I rarely wear them. But I have adapted to wearing everything I make!

Two Handmade Shirt Dresses | Style Maker Fabrics

Your tailoring skills are amazing! Any suggestions for those wanting to learn or improve?

Interesting perspective and very kind, but I always thought I could not get it and always dedicated less time to try. My first love is for blazers, and that is where the collared shirts come in. They are a great combo, and that was my reason for sewing them, but I limited the time spent on the task as it was a challenge. I got frustrated with myself and started using more resources to help me understand the process. I purchased videos on Crafty, joined Sew It Academy, purchased a tutorial from Erica Bunker, and found @Juliabobbin—all are great sources with invaluable tips and insights on the process. We have a wealth of information available in the sewing community, and everyone is always willing to support and help each other.

Karon's Classic Blazer Outfit | Style Maker Fabrics

How do you go about learning new sewing techniques? What are your favorite places to look for help?

Please see above.

What is your all time favorite make?

That is tough…it might be a shirt 😀

What is your favorite thing about your growing handmade wardrobe?

I love some of the pieces I make and love the ability to choose a piece and make it my own with the fabric choice.

Tell us your biggest sewing lesson you learned in 2020.

I learned more patience and appreciated the peace of mind that sewing provided during a challenging period.

Do you have any sewing goals for the new year?

I plan to expand my knowledge by taking on other projects and procrastinate less by putting my fears aside.

A Few Quick Questions!

  • Favorite Fabric to Sew With = Poplin
  • Favorite Pattern = Vogue 8772
  • Your Essential Tool/Notion = Needle threader on my machine
  • Must-Have Sewing Snack = Don’t snack while sewing
  • Current or Next Sewing Project = Another shirt 😀

Last but not least…Where can people reach/follow you and see what you are up to?

I can be found on Instagram, @cookeka.

A Few Posts from @cookeka on Instagram | Style Maker Fabrics

A huge thank you to Karon for joining us and for reminding us to put our fears aside and learn something new. That is such an amazing goal and definitely something we can all strive for in this new year!

5 thoughts on “Meet the Maker—Karon”

  1. Hi Karon,
    Nice to see you here on the Style Maker Fabric site and learn a bit more about your background. It’s amazing what you have accomplished in 4 years!! Keep up the great work. Your inspiring me to make a shirt.

  2. Karon – makes the best shirts! I love her fabric choices and how she manipulates fabric especially since we tend to purchase the same fabrics from time to time. What a great feature!

  3. WOW…You have mastered “the shirt”….plan to follow you on Instagram, and love your makes. I’m currently making a shirt as well, I’ve got the collar on, so it’s downhill from here!
    Thanks, Loved your interview…..LAURA

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