New Trims: Bias Tapes, Lace and more

This past week we have been busy adding our first selection of trims to Style Maker Fabrics. I just wanted to share a few of these exciting new items and some ideas I have about how they can be used.

Jersey Bias Tape

This is probably the new trim that I am the most excited about! I have never been a huge fan of traditional bias tape that you buy in the package. This takes bias tape to a whole new level- the rayon jersey is so soft and the perfect weight to use on just about any garment (T-shirts, dresses, etc). It would even make great straps and binding for a simple camisole.

The tape measures 1″ wide (1/2″ folded) and comes in 19 fashionable colors. We have all of the basics (black, white, red, navy, etc) but also have some brights and other great colors for Spring as well. Perfect for matching your fabrics for a more subtle look or going for a more dramatic pop of color.

Jersey Bias Tape- Available in 19 colors (10 shown above)
Jersey Bias Tape- Available in 19 colors (10 shown above)

I have been dreaming of the Dahlia dress from Colette Patterns. I even have the fabric picked out and all pre-washed! I have kind of been putting it off because of my fear of plaid- but now that I have over come that fear (Check out my Oslo Cardigan!) I have not excuse. The pattern calls for 3 yards of bias tape and I think this will be the perfect first project with this new trim. Since this pattern uses the tape around the neckline and sleeve cuffs, the jersey will be so soft and feel like a dream!

Plans for a Dahlia Dress with a Beautiful Wool Plaid
Plans for a Dahlia Dress with a beautiful Tartan Plaid

Faux Leather Bias Tape

We have also added a vegan leather bias tape that is at the other end of the bias tape scale. While the jersey bias tape is light weight and more delicate, the faux leather bias tape is more durable and “edgy” (pardon the pun). We see this being used for everything from garments to handbags or even home decor items. You could even put two layers of it together and make some amazing straps for a dress or even handbag handles! It would also be a great contrast to a classic tweed on a jacket or skirt.

This tape measures 3/4″ wide (3/8″ folded) and is available in 3 classic colors (black, brown and red).

Faux Leather Bias Tape- Available in the Black, Brown and Red
Faux Leather Bias Tape- Available in the Black, Brown and Red

Fold-Over Braid

This is a more unusual trim but just as versatile as the bias tapes shown above. This woven, fold-over trim is used much the same way bias tape would be- it makes a great edging on a variety of woven fabrics. It is especially great on thicker fabrics, like a tweed or wool where you don’t want to add a lot of bulk but want to finish off the edge of your garment. Rather than hemming or adding a double-folded tape (lots of layers!) you can use this more open light weight braid and get the job done.

This braid is 1-1/4″ (5/8″ folded) and comes in Classic Black.

One of the many great uses of this trim is on a “Channel-style” jacket, like this one I found from Vogue Patterns (V7975). I am thinking about pairing the black braid with this White Plaid Boucle for a pop of contrast. What do you think?

Plans for a Classic Boucle Jacket in White and Black
Plans for a Classic Boucle Jacket in White and Black

Lace Trims

On our last buying trip we stumbled across two lace trims and just couldn’t resist. They are so classic and elegant they are perfect for integrating into some amazing garments.

The first lace is a Chantilly lace trim that measures 15″ wide. That gives you plenty of width to cut and integrate this trim into a unique top, dress or even a skirt. I love the colors of this one as well- beautiful greys, black and white. It is so elegant and vintage feeling.

You have also probably noticed that handmade lingerie is all over the social media and the sewing world right now. I am tempted to try making my own Watson Bra and include this amazing lace!

Chantilly Lace Trim
Chantilly Lace Trim

The other lace trim is a Stretch lace in a simple, but classic rose motif. At 8″ wide, this stretch lace would be perfect for creating those fashionable lace inserts in a knit top or dress. I was thinking across the shoulders on the back of a top, or even across the bodice. It would also be a great, softer more delicate trim to gather and add along the bottom of a skirt or button-up-shirt.

Like the Chantilly lace above this is a great lace for lingerie or camisoles as well!

Stretch Lace Trim
Stretch Lace Trim

I hope this gives you some ideas about how trims can be used. They can really add that extra touch to a project or garment!



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