Top 5 Spring Wardrobe Building Patterns 2019

We took a little different approach picking our Top 5 patterns to sew this season. We have been thinking a lot about our handmade wardrobe and how to make it more versatile and wearable. We all have those pieces in our closet that only go with one other thing or that don’t go with anything but we look too much to get rid of—let’s try to fix that!

Spring Top 5 Indie Patterns | Style Maker Fabrics

For sewing this spring, we picked five staple or foundational pieces that can be mixed and matched with lots of garments. These are pieces that can be the framework for your seasonal wardrobe and bring new life to the pieces you already have. They are classic elements that will never go out of style and are sure to be favorites you can rely on. Let’s take a look!

Simple Button-Up Shirt | Style Maker Fabrics

Pick #`1—Simple Button-Up

Everyone needs a few classic shirts. They are great staple that can be dressed up or down for just about any occasion and are easy to layer with other pieces. For spring and summer we especially love basic white, a simple light blue or chambray and a subtle pattern or texture. All of these will give your shirts even more flexibility to pair with some of your more colorful spring favorites.

Pattern Suggestions:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fabrics and styling. Cotton shirtings are always a good option, but a soft linen or linen blend can also be a great choice. To add a bit of extra style, try adding a few unique details—unusual buttons or snaps, piping, bias finishes, etc. Here are a few of our favorite ready-to-wear (RTW) looks for inspiration.

Classic Button-Up Styling | Style Maker Fabrics

Timeless Blazer | Style Maker Fabrics

Blazers are back in a big way, but really, did they ever go out of style? This season people are rediscovering their love for this timeless tailored jacket and we love seeing them dressed up for work with a blouse and skirt or dressed down for a day with the girls with a graphic tee and jeans. The possibilities really are endless!

Pattern Suggestions:

Depending on your pattern choice and the fabric requirements, look at fabrics and colors you love and keep things simple. If you love black or greys, try a solid or a subtle plaid or stripe. Or for spring, you can’t go wrong with a clean white or soft neutral. A blazer might be the place you want to have a bit more fun too. A statement color or unique print could be just the “Wow” piece you have been looking for! We especially love linen, twill, suitings, ponte knit or even a light weight boiled wool.

Is a blazer really not your style? A cardigan or other jacket are great alternatives that fill a similar role in your wardrobe. Try the Papercut Fjord Cardigan, Deer and Doe Nénuphar Jacket or Wiksten Haori Jacket!

Timeless Blazer Styling | Style Maker Fabrics

Wide Leg Pants | Style Maker Fabrics

Wide leg pants often get a bad rap—a lot of people think this is just a look they can’t pull off. The trick is finding the PERFECT leg width for you and your style. YOUR wide leg pants might not be as wide as someone else’s perfect wide leg pants. Finding the right length can be just as important as with right width. The best part? You can sew your own, so you can experiment, try, and change the width and length to suit you and your wardrobe!

Pattern Suggestions:

Fabric choice for wide leg pants is an important one. Do you want them more drapey and flowy? Or more tailored and structured? For light, airy pants with lots of movement try a tencel twill or linen blend. For more of a classic trouser, try a cotton twill, heavier linen or light weight denim.

Wide-Leg Pants Styling | Style Maker Fabrics

Essential Jeans | Style Maker Fabrics

For many of us jeans are our daily uniform and we are so excited to see so many seamstresses creating their own! It might seem like a daunting task, finishing your first pair of jeans is one of the most satisfying sewing accomplishments and you will be sad you waited so long! Just take it one step at a time and you will be done before you knit it. We highly recommend Closet Case’s “Sew Your Dream Jeans” online class. Heather walks you through each step and helps with all those fitting challenges!

Pattern Suggestions:

—Stretch Jeans

—Non-Stretch (Rigid) Jeans

Want the fit and style of jeans but can’t wear blue denim to the office? Try a cotton twill, sateen or solid bull denim for similar results. Don’t forget the hardware! Give your jeans that professionally finished look with matching buttons and rivets.

Essential Jeans Styling | Style Maker Fabrics

Trench Coat | Style Maker Fabrics

When planning your handmade wardrobe, don’t forget about outerwear. Spring weather is anything but predictable and having the perfect trench to pull on over any outfit is a welcome addition to your closet. Whether long and drapey or short and tailored is more your style, find the one that suits you best.

Pattern Suggestions:

Depending on the look and style you want to create, try a tencel twill or nylon coating for a spring trench with lots of drape and movement. For more structure and flair, try a mid-weight linen, cotton twill or sateen.

Year-Round Trench Styling | Style Maker Fabrics

With so many ways to mix and match these five pieces along, we can’t wait to see all the amazing outfits they will help us create with the rest of our handmade wardrobe! Check out some of our favorite fabric and pattern pairings to get started HERE.

Spring Wardrobe Styling | Style Maker Fabrics

Hopefully this helps find more joy with your handmade garments and maybe gives you the steps or ideas to help make your wardrobe even more wearable. With a good foundation you can mix in all the other amazing colors and prints you love and have the staple pieces to pair them with!

**Find sources for all of our inspiration photos on our spring Pinterest board HERE.

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