Handmade Gift Ideas—Accessories

Looking for gift ideas for family or friends? How about a fun handmade accessory? Nobody can have too many hats, scarves, and totes, so why not turn these useful items into the perfect gift!

Here are a few of our favorite handmade accessory ideas!

Hats & Gloves

A cozy hat will always be an appreciated gift! Not only are they a great fashion accessory, but they can also be a functional must-have during the winter months, depending on where your recipient lives. These are also quick projects that you can easily batch sew!

Searching online, there are SO MANY great pattern options for different styles! After much research, we have found the pattern that all sewists should have in their library—the Delia Beanie from Named. This is a PDF pattern, but there are two great things you should know. First, it is only 8 pages, so super easy to print and tape together. Second, all proceeds of this pattern are donated to charity!

Cozy Delia Beanies | Style Maker Fabrics

In selecting fabrics to sew our Delia Beanies, we chose a variety of sweater knits but basically, any knit with a good amount of stretch will work great. From the super thing to more of a jersey weight, any fabric we tried looked and fit great! And yes, we have made quite a few so far. In one afternoon, we sewed up five different hats in just a couple of hours, and with more practice and fewer thread changes, this could be even faster!

A note on the Delia Beanie pattern: You do need the full 3/4 yd of fabric called for, but on a 54″/60″ wide fabric, you can get two hats across the width!

(Fabrics shown above: Cable Sweater Knit, Wool Blend Rib Sweater Knit, Luxury Soft Sweater Knit)

We also scoured the internet for a great mitten or glove pattern and settled on this super cute variation of fingerless gloves with pleats. We sewed up a matching hat in a soft rib knit for an adorable set. Or mix and match with a coordinating hat. The possibilities are really endless!

A couple of other great pattern options are from the Atlas Collection by Victory Patterns—the Atlas Tuque and Atlas Mittens.

Delia Beanies + Fingerless Gloves | Style Maker Fabrics

(Fabrics shown above: Plush Rib Sweater Knit, Abstract Floral Sweater Knit)

Don’t forget the details! Add a bit of personality and fun to your handmade makes with unique details to suit the recipient and to subtly let people know, “yes, this is handmade!”. Experiment with adding that professional finished look with a faux brand label. Maybe use a premade woven label or a cool metal accent—layer different materials like leather or wool. Or even embroider a monogram or something special for the lucky recipient. Buttons and other embellishments would also make a great addition! And don’t forget the Pompom!

(Accents shown above: Kylie and the Machine Woven Label [Sweary Sewist] and Metal Handmade Label)


Whether they are for fashion or for warmth, scarves a great gift idea for year-round gifting! Experiment with different styles and fabric choices to create the perfect look.

Flannel Blanket Scarf | Style Maker Fabrics

If you are going for warmth and style, you can’t go wrong with any sort of flannel scarf! During our Fall Style Tour, Lindsey (Inside the Hem) shared this great hack for a layered blanket scarf that we can’t wait to use for our own gift giving!

(Fabric shown above: Check Plaid Flannel)

We also have tutorials for a simple infinity scarf, cowl neck scarf, and fringed scarf here on our blog from a few years back. But there are loads of different patterns and ideas on how to style/wear scarves on Pinterest and the internet as well. So many options to try!

Handbags, Pouches, & Totes

We love sewing bags and totes! They are quick and easy projects that always fit and are so satisfying to finish. Win, win, right?! After exploring lots of pattern options (the internet is full of them), our hands-down favorite is Noodlehead Patterns. Each pattern is thoroughly tested and uses unique techniques to give you a professional finish worthy of your favorite RTW store! The designer’s instructions are always spot on, and we have never been disappointed with one of our makes.

With so many styles and variations to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one for each of your gift recipients, from large totes and backpacks to cross-body bags and small pouches. There is something for everyone! Here are a few of our favorites!

Noodlehead Bag Patterns | Style Maker Fabrics

(Patterns show: Crescent Tote, Buckthorn Backpack and Tote, Sandhill Sling,)

Looking for the most bang for your buck? Noodlehead’s Everyday Essentials includes patterns for a shoulder tote, wallets, and pouches (shown below) all in one beautiful booklet. A great choice for many years of gift-giving ahead!

Find all of our favorite bag making fabrics and hardware HERE!

Everyday Essentials Petal Pouches | Style Maker Fabrics

Hopefully, that gives you some great ideas for a last-minute handmade gift for the holidays or even an upcoming birthday. Or maybe just a handmade surprise for a friend. We could all use a bit of handmade love these days!

Happy Sewing!

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